FSU Departments and Projects

What is the Federation Support Unit (FSU)?

Across Northern Ireland, there are 17 GP Federations which have been established by GPs to support General Practice and facilitate the transformation of health and social care in a primary care setting. Each Federation has been established as a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company and any financial surplus generated through efficiency is re-invested in front-line services.

The Eastern Federation covers a patient population of approximately 100,000 patients and, because of scale, provides services which would not otherwise be delivered at individual practice level.

It is supported by the Eastern Federation Support Units (FSU). The FSU has been designed to provide Federation members with support, advice and expertise in the design and delivery of service provision. FSU functions include central management expertise, planning, accounting, communication, corporate governance and human resources. In some instances, these services will be outsourced.

The core purpose of the FSU is to ensure that clinicians are free to focus on ensuring that they provide the best clinical outcomes for their patients, while improving the quality of care that they receive.